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Serene Home Nursing Agency

Irene Manolias, RN, FOUNDER and CEO Serene Home Nursing Agency
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Irene Manolias, RN, FOUNDER and CEO
Serene Home Nursing Agency

With over 25 years of diversified healthcare experience, Irene Manolias, RN, is committed to making Serene Home Nursing Agency the agency of choice for all of Long Island. Graduating at the top of her college class, Irene has acquired the knowledge and expertise to be a role model in the healthcare industry. Along with being a strong advocate for children with disabilities, she is a dynamic leader in her community. On behalf of Serene Home Nursing Agency, she has organized multiple fundraising events. In addition, she has offered scholarships and merit awards to students and healthcare workers who positively displayed leadership abilities and/or actively volunteered in their community.

Irene volunteered as the Director of Health Services for the Testaverde Foundation from 2005 to 2016. Part of her commitment to the Foundation involved helping paralyzed individuals to receive the equipment, services, and emotional support they needed to live a fulfilling life. Throughout the years, Irene has trained hundreds of nurses to obtain advanced neurological nursing skills and techniques to help improve the quality of care to patients in need of health care services. Irene has received many recognitions and awards acknowledging her commitment to the healthcare industry. In 2014, Irene became the recipient of the Parker Jewish Institute Platinum Professional Award for Outstanding Leadership in Healthcare from Parker-Jewish Institute. She most recently made the Dan's Papers Power list of the East End in 2021, as well as received the 2021 Schneps Media Healthcare Heros Award. Furthermore, Irene is actively involved in outreach development in her community.
As the CEO of Serene Home Nursing Agency, she oversees the care of hundreds of pediatric, adult, and senior patients each day. Irene is fully devoted to providing outstanding services to those in need of home care services in the community she has been a part of her whole life.

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